NJW Jam Session

The next Nashville Jazz Workshop jam session takes place in the Sunday, October 21, from 4-6 pm, in the Jazz Cave. Host for this month is saxophonist David Williford, with special guest J.J. Murphy.

The NJW Jam Session is a monthly community event. Taking place every third Sunday of the month (typically), the popular session is a fertile ground for the large contingent of great jazz players and enthusiasts in Middle Tennessee. Geared for professionals, serious students of jazz, and those who love to listen, this jam session is a chance for players to hear each other, meet, and collaborate. The NJW Jam Session is an open forum, so we encourage listeners to ask questions. Each month a different featured guest leads the band and calls tunes. The event is completely FREE, but we do pass around a tip jar.

A few rules for newcomers:

1. First time players cannot use a real book!

2. If you're bringing an arrangement or original, please have printed copies transposed for E-flat, B-flat, and bass clef instruments.

3. Vocalists! If you're singing an uncommon tune or even a common tune in a strange key, it's best to bring charts for the rhythm section and horn players.

4. The jam is fully backlined with amps and drums, but please bring your own cords and drumsticks. 

5. Soft drinks are available for purchase. All other food and beverages are BYO

October special guest:
As a composer and a guitarist,  J.J. Murphy brings a soulful vitality to contemporary music.  His sound is a contemplative blend of folk, blues, and jazz-often channeling modern luminaries such as Bill Frisell and Ry Cooder while evoking music from the traditional American vernacular. Frequent collaborator Ryan Connors (Dynamo) defines  Murphy's style as “the blues-inspired rawness of Eric Clapton with the jazz vocabulary and sensitivity of Bill Frisell.”