Certificate Program

As part of our mission “to expand and enrich people’s lives by offering world class jazz education and performance in supportive and creative environments,” the Nashville Jazz Workshop has created a certificate program to help students organize their study and plan for future goals. Our Jazz Certificate Program for both vocalists and instrumentalists will begin in January 2018.

The process of working toward a certificate will guide NJW students through a foundational series of classes intended to help them become accomplished jazz musicians and performers, or to enhance their current level of expertise. Ours are certificates of completion, and are intended to recognize the student’s fulfillment of the class requirements in their chosen course of study.

Certificates are available for both vocalists and instrumentalists, and follow three similarly structured tracks

  • Musicianship
  • Performance
  • Literature or Ensemble Playing

Completion of the required coursework for each track gives students the opportunity to understand and experience fundamental elements of jazz musicianship.

NJW’s journeyman/apprentice model of teaching offers invaluable support to professional musicians, students of other music programs, and jazz enthusiasts alike. Our certificate coursework is intended to help supplement:

  • Collegiate programs of study
  • Personal musicianship and performance goals
  • Professional musicianship training
  • And, career exploration

Former and current students of the Nashville Jazz Workshop are eligible for certificates based on classes completed prior to 2018. Certificates will be awarded retrospectively to any students who are interested and have met the requirements.

For more information or questions about the new NJW Certificate Program, please email Liz Johnson