The Jazz Workshop relies on support from individuals, companies, foundations, and government. Income from tuition and admission fees covers only the bare essentials. Generous support from our community fills in the gaps and supports the mission of providing world class jazz education and performance in Nashville.

Below is a listing of donors, current through December 29, 2019. Thanks to our many donors for supporting jazz in Music City!

(For a description of Donor Society membership levels and benefits, click here)



Metro Arts Commission
Tennessee Arts Commission
Zander Insurance Agency
New City Properties

COMBO: TOTAL GIFTS OF $5,000–$9,999

Burton Avenue Music
Anonymous Donor
Kim and Bill Franca
The Carolyn Kulkin Fund for Education and Community
Larry and Nancy Mechem
Jefferson Ockerman
Steinway Piano Gallery of Nashville
Paul Winkler


The Caterpillar Foundation
Bruce and Sandra Dudley
Graham and Adriana Gerdeman
The Robert J. and Helen H. Glaser Family Foundation
Louise Kelton
Adam J. Liff
Mark Montgomery and family
Lisa Taylor
Van Heusen Music Corporation
The Washington Foundation

TRIO: TOTAL GIFTS OF $1,000–$2,499

Beegie Adair
Wilton (Jamey) Aebersold
Sarah Aylor
Alan Bachrach
The Scott C. Chambers Fund of the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee
Anonymous Donation
Andrew D. Crichton
Brownlee and Agnetta Currey
Tom Davidson
Gus Duffy
Susan Edwards
Joy Fauntleroy
Tom and Maria Fouce
John Fuller and Racy Peters
Rob and Ann Gordon
Karen and Gregory Grove
Veronica and Peter Gunn
Robert and Tricia Hiers
Rosana Eisenberg and Robert D. Hoffman
Greg Howard
Premier Building Products, Mark Isom
Patricia Kirby
Andrea Lambert
Greg and Karen Mueller
Bill and April Mullins
Anne and Peter Neff
Matthew Noggle
Sam Nugent and Todd Stutts
Linda Orsagh
Pinnacle Financial Partners, Cindy Oliva
Anonymous Donation in Memory of Billy Adair
Ernie Reynolds
Ken Roberts
Dr. Kevin Rome
Rose Immigration Law, Linda Rose
Dr. and Mrs. David A. Rueff
Ellen and Joe Rutledge
Drs. Gary J. Smith and Ann Evers
Dr. Bill and Lynne Stevenson
James and Katherine Stewart
Graham G. Stewart
Candace Tillquist
Vanderbilt University
Waller Lansden Dortch
Trey and Gerald Webber
Karen and Kent Weeks
Dr. Herman Williams


Marc Adesso
Eileen Beehan and Bill Sinclair
Michael Berg
Christi Bissell
Sabra Buchanan
Deborah Choupin in Honor of Dr. Frank Parker’s 92nd Birthday
Katy Chudacoff
Brad Currie
Randall Daley
Hedy Weinberg and Dan Cornfield
Dr. Frank Fish
Vince Fouce
Joe Freel
Ron Galbraith
Brian and Melissa Gant
Libbey Hagewood
Eddie and Arnetta Hamilton
Historic Germantown
John Jarvis
Jack Jezzro
Leonard Kindig
Tom and Karen Knox
Richard and Andrea Kruzelyak
Steven Lewis
Styric McClure
Monica Ramey
Scott Richardson
Rosemary Rutledge
Jack Rutledge
Micki and Michelle Slingerland
Jeff Steinberg
Elsa and Kurt Swauger
Chester and Rosalind K. Thompson
Richard Walker
Alix Weiss Sharp
Steven West



Elyse Adler
Joe Allen
Gayle Alley
Diane Armistead
Louise Barnes and Larry Seeman
Linda Bird
Teresa Blackburn
David Cannon
Chuck Chellman
Jamie Citerin
Deborah and Walter Clair
Charles and Mary Cook
Scott Cornwell
Kathy Wood-Dobbins and Bill Dobbins
Derrick Wayne Dowell
Sandra Duncan
Susan Eslick
Dr. Peter Farmer
Suzanne Fletcher-Thompson
Carolyn Hall
Melissa Hansen
Charlene Harb
Yolanda Henderson
Ralph Henley
Don O. Henry
Rafael Hernandez
Reuben J. and Elsa Hernandez
Mary Grey James
Liz Johnson
Donna Johnson
Christopher Klein
Kyle Lehning
Karen Litterer
Anonymous Donation
Brian Milford
Marshall Morgan
Angela Nuyens
Michael and Stormie Omartian
Janean Overton
Brian D. Parker
Joyce D Peacock
Dave Pomeroy
Ellen Jones Pryor
Christine Quinn Trank
Chuck Rapp
Carol Rehder
Stephen and Emmie Rick
Richard and Molly Schneider
Jackie Sims
Margaret Smith and Larry Weitz
Denis Solee
Dr. Stephanie Spottswood
Randall and Ellen Strunk
Traci Todd
Drew Tucker
Donna and Joe Venardi
Greg and Paula Weaver
Sarah Williams
John and Alison Wingo
Dorian Woodruff



Anonymous Donation
Tom Amirante
David Andersen
Anonymous Donation
Danna Bennett
Richard Bennett
Michael Berg
Philip Bolger
Ron Browning
Bill and Kim Bundy
Joey Butler
Berdelle Campbell
Mark Cappellino
Mickee Carter
Ernie Collins
Dawn Crumel
Larry Cypress
Darryl Deaton
Dan DeFigio
Don Dickerson
Kevin Dieterich in Honor of Dorian Woodruff
Derrick Wayne Dowell
Michael Dulaney
Robert and Kim Maphis Early
Doris Farley in Honor of Beegie Adair
Joel Fauntleroy
Jim and Liz Fey
Erin Fickert-Rowland
Dorothy K. Fort in Memory of Vickie G.
Williams, a long-time, dedicated
supporter of the NJW
Em Ghianni
Lizzie and Howard Gold
Karen Hayes
Jeff Hersk
Stephen Heyman
Sarah Hunt
Linda Johnson
Lauren Karp
Anne Marie Kempf and Dave Thomas
Thomas Kern
Lula Mae Kratzer
Amy Kurland in Honor of Stephen McRedmond
Anonymous Donation
Judy and Jerry Larson
Skip Lawrence
Laura Lewis
Travis Lloyd
Melissa Malone
Shirley Manaley
Charlie and Pat McCoy
Lori Mechem
Norman and Deborah Miede
Terry Minnen
Alexa Moscardelli
Ron and Bette O’Nan
Bettye Otey
Jim Photoglou
Timothy Quain
Lisa Raines
Paul Ross
Carlos Ruiz
Kevin Sanders
Rebecca Sayre
Tia Sillers
Richard and Deb Sincere
Jay Slobey
Gary T. and Becky Smith
Joyce Sohl
Lisa Somar in Honor of Dorian Woodruff
Barbara Speyer
Larry and Lois Stone
Sandra Strauss
Dan Strimer
John Trauscht
Kim Uselton
William Velez
Lynn Walker
John Wallick
Amy Waymire in Honor of Laura Ward
Ron and Kathy Webber
Bill Wiggins
Harry Williams
Gary and Catherine Wilson



Lawrence Armstead
Anthony Beasley
Greg Breal
Tyler Bullock
Robert H. and Judy Burns
Carole Caprio
Mitch Chamberlain
Janet Chapman-Hollon
Peter Dellos
James DePriest
Edmund Donahue
Christi Dortch
Sprigg Ebbert
Anna Egres
Roberta Elliott
Mariwyn Evans
Jerry and Doris Fawcett
Nicole Flammia
Lauranette and Jim Ford
Mark Francisco
Krassimira Garbett
Joe and Audrey Gramelspacher
Kent Gunderson
Anonymous Donation
Laura Hyde
Linda Jordan
Shannon Ledford
Rory Levine
Stephanie Lindner
Laura Jean Marquis
Richard Morrison
Larry Murov
Cary Nichols
Stephanie Hahn Nolan
Volker Oberacker
Cindy Oliva
Lois Pancio
Onetia T. Piersono
Joshua Porter
Anonymous Donation
Ernesto Ruiz
Edward Runge
Sophronia Sanders
Sharon Stewart
Anonymous Donation
Margaret Ann Trail
Douglas Turner
Colin Turnnidge and Theresa Zink
Irwin Venick and Jeanne Ballinger
Marci Wilson-Boggs
Andrew Zarrillo