Ear Training 1

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Course Description

This course will discuss basic intervals and how melody lines are constructed, triad (major, minor, diminished and augmented), 4 note chords and their inversions, beginning sight singing, consisting of singing bass lines and chords in a lead sheet.

Message from Lori about this class:

I have taught this class for over two decades, and it is one my favorites to teach! This is one of our most important core classes that we offer at NJW.

Students will learn a lot of theory in this class, but most importantly, participants will have a better understanding of what is going on inside the music! That is KEY if you are a performer and continually feel that you get lost in music because you don’t understand theory, intervals, chords or structure. Why is this different than a college course? NO GRADES and NO PRESSURE! Come on… what are you waiting on!! Let’s DO THIS!!