Master Class

September 19, 1pm-3pm CDT How do you serve the soul of the song? What does genuine love look like? We’ll explore repertoire, arranging, improvisation, story-telling and being in the moment. Audit spots are still available ($20).

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“In The Spotlight” participating singers will perform a song for Tierney. This is a song you are working on. Be ready to experiment with all elements of the song key, such as tempo, time signature, & reharmonization. Performers & auditors are asked to join in the group discussion with questions and comments. NOTE: Please be ready with a one-sentence description of what you would most like to get out of this workshop. We will begin by posting everyone’s sentence in the chat and then begin to “workshop”

We will also explore:
Pitch and tone
Vocal technique
Use of vibrato
Embodying the time

     A 9-time Grammy nominee, Tierney Sutton has received a “Best Jazz Vocal Album” Grammy nomination for every project she has released in the last 15 years. Known for her impeccable voice and superbly imaginative arrangements, Sutton is heralded for her abilities as both a storyteller and her ability to make even the most familiar song a revelation.
     Since 1993 Sutton has fronted “The Tierney Sutton Band” (TSB) which features instrumental virtuosos Christian Jacob, Trey Henry, Kevin Axt and Ray Brinker. On stage as well as on recordings, the band exhibits an “almost  unearthly” connection, a tribute to having the same world-class personnel for over 25 years—a virtually unheard-of accomplishment in today’s music business. Incorporated partners, all decisions, musical or business are made by the band as a unit. In 2011 they received a Grammy nomination for their collaborative arranging, the only band ever to receive this honor. View the entire bio here.

Course Description

A class focused on special topics or skills, led by a master NJW instructor. Topic will vary with the instructor.