Signature Songs

Schedule: 3 classes, 7pm. Mondays Oct 19, Oct 26, Nov 2

Format: virtual via Zoom, synchronous. Each student will sing in each class session.

Cabaret artist Carolyn German helps you focus your musical originality, teaching you how to find and finesse a tune that highlights your individuality.

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Auditing not available for this session.

Course Description

Signature Songs
Every singer needs at least one song that truly spotlights their unique style. It may be your “go to” tune for sitting in as a guest with the band, an inimitable rendition that your fans will come to expect, or perhaps a brand new tune that is perfectly “you”. The art of honing a Signature Song is also allows you to explore your own unique gifts.
Preparation: For the first class, be prepared to sing with your track (or your own on-site accompanist) a song you want to explore as a Signature Song. (It can be a song you already perform, or one you are learning.) Helpful hint:  Know the time on your track where intros, verses, bridges, etc begin, to maximize our time together.
Tracks: Student will sing to tracks the student provides. (Instructor can help you acquire tracks for an additional fee, please indicate any need for tracks at the time of your registration).