Classes for Instrumentalists Courses

Chord Tone Soloing

There are many different approaches to improvisation. However, the vast majority of the masters play out of chord tones and Read More

Max Roach Drumset

A class for drummers covering the time and solo techniques of Max Roach. This is a great class for improvisation Read More

Drumset Improvisation 2

A continuation of Drumset Improv 1 with an emphasis on applying to standard repertoire. Students will play more melodies and Read More

Advanced Ensemble Techniques

Learn to play in an advanced setting by sharpening your sightreading skills and performing challenging arrangements. For all instruments.

Salsa Piano

Learn traditional piano montunos needed for playing in Cuban ensemble. Learn the difference in the two claves and how the Read More

George Shearing Ensemble 2

A class covering the repertoire and the “Shearing Sound.” Emphasis on ensemble playing, block chord voicings for piano, and tanscriptions Read More

Sonny Rollins Ensemble

A class covering the compositions and history of Sonny Rollins. Emphasis on solo transcription and ensemble playing. Songs will include Pent-Up Read More

Bird & Diz Ensemble

An ensemble focusing on the repertoire and stylings of the mid to late 40’s emergence of Bebop. The ensemble performs Read More

Pat Metheny Ensemble

A class covering the repertoire and stylings of Pat Metheny. Emphasis will be made on sound, odd meters and improvisation. Read More

Horace Silver Ensemble 2

A class covering the history, repertoire, and stylings of the Blue Note years of Horace Silver. The ensemble performs transcriptions Read More

Chick Corea Ensemble

Study and perform the early compositions of Chick Corea. Students will play “Spain,” “You’re My Everything,” “Lithia,” “500 Miles High,” Read More

Grant Green Guitar Style

A 2 hour course concentrating on the soloing techniques/concepts used by Grant Green. These techniques will be studied through the Read More

Miles Davis Ensemble 2

A class covering the history, repertoire, and stylings of the mid-50’s and 60?s Prestige recordings of the famous quintet. The Read More

Art Blakey Drumset

A class for drummers covering the styles and techniques of Art Blakey. This is an intensive study of a jazz Read More

Art Blakey Ensemble 2

A class covering the history, repertoire, and stylings of Art Blakey and his Jazz Messengers. The ensemble performs transcriptions of Read More

Advanced Instrumental Ensemble

A performance ensemble for advanced students featuring intensive study of advanced repertoire and improvisational devices.

Latin Piano

This class is an overview of Salsa, Afro-Cuban, and Brazilian piano, including montunos, Latin bass lines, comping patterns for Bossa Read More

Nashville Guitar Cats

Some of Nashville’s most famous and most frequently recorded guitarists will be guest artists in this 6 -week class. Each Read More

Master Class

A class focused on special topics or skills, led by a master NJW instructor. Topic will vary with the instructor.

Drumming With Your Hands

Taught by legendary Nashville drummer Kenny Malone, this class will teach Malone’s system of hand-drumming in simple terms, covering such Read More

Nothing But The Conga

This 6-week class is designed to provide students with the knowledge of conga technique, which is essential for playing Cuban Read More

Guitar Ensemble

Study and perform standards arranged for multiple guitars by Mundell Lowe, Lloyd Wells, and others. In this class, students will Read More

Latin Drumset

For the intermediate to advanced drumset player who wants to learn Brazilian and Cuban styles, this class includes an introduction Read More

Pandeiro Fundamentals

The Pandeiro has earned a prominent place in the musical culture of Brazil because of its pervasive use and historic Read More