Drum Classes Courses

Drumming With Your Hands

Taught by legendary Nashville drummer Kenny Malone, this class will teach Malone’s system of hand-drumming in simple terms, covering such Read More

Nothing But The Conga

This 6-week class is designed to provide students with the knowledge of conga technique, which is essential for playing Cuban Read More

Latin Drumset

For the intermediate to advanced drumset player who wants to learn Brazilian and Cuban styles, this class includes an introduction Read More

Pandeiro Fundamentals

The Pandeiro has earned a prominent place in the musical culture of Brazil because of its pervasive use and historic Read More

Drumset Improvisation

This class covers the concepts and techniques needed to create “musical vehicles,” such as 4’s, 8’s, and full choruses. Students Read More

It’s About Time

For drummers and bassists, this class is designed to center the player’s time by focusing on the role of drums Read More

Cuban Percussion

This 6-week class will focus on all the instruments of the Cuban rhythm section: conga, bongo, timbales, guiro, maracas, and Read More

Jazz Drumset Essentials

This class will introduce the beginning jazz drummer to basic ride patterns, simple Latin patterns, comping, song forms, and brushwork.

Brazilian Percussion

Students in this class will learn the major styles of Brazilian music along with their associated instruments and techniques. Instruments Read More