Fundamentals and Musicianship for Vocalists Courses

Get in the Pocket

This is an essential class for the intermediate to advanced vocalist or instrumentalist. With a drummer as the only accompanist, Read More

Vocal Improvisation 1

Students will learn the basic concepts of improvisation with topics including rhythmic syllables and spoken scat, basic root motion and Read More

The Art of Phrasing

Students will explore speech level singing, back phrasing, singing over the bar line, and balancing long and short phrases. Students Read More

Ear Training 1

This course will discuss basic intervals and how melody lines are constructed, triad (major, minor, diminished and augmented), 4 note Read More

Ear Training 2

A continuation of Ear Training 1, this class will give students a better understanding of chord extensions and their inversions. Read More

Vocal Improvisation 2

Students will continue to explore basic chord progressions, including the concept of ‘II-V-I’ turn-arounds, major and minor diatonic progressions, and Read More