Improvisation Courses

Voice Leading

Voice Leading is about playing the changes and developing a language. This class focuses on examining existing solos and elements Read More

Guitar Improvisation

For guitar players who’d like to unlock the secrets of jazz improvisation. This class will help you reach an intermediate Read More

Learning Tunes by Ear

A class examining the harmonic and melodic structures that are common to popular song form and jazz compositions. By analyzing Read More

Odd and Multi-Meter Tunes

This class will explore music with odd or multi-meter time signatures. Composers studied will include: John McLaughlin, Pat Metheny, Dave Read More

Improvisation by Ear

A class introducing the musician to call and response. Listening and playing it back. The class will work through different Read More

Advanced Improvisation

A class covering complex harmonic structures, transcription and analysis of jazz solos. Application to bebop and modal style of tunes.

Blues Improvisation 2

A class introducing the musician to the blues, and various ways to improv over standard changes and substitutions. This class Read More

Exploring Dominants

This advanced improvisation class will explore the six various dominant-seventh chord types from a theoretical standpoint to help students understand Read More

Bebop Basics

A class introducing the basic melodic, harmonic and rhythmic techniques used in the style of bebop. These elements will be Read More

Solo Transcription

This class covers the techniques involved in the melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic transcription of improvised solos from recordings. Students will Read More

Rhythm Changes

With a blend of patterns, ear training, analysis, and technique, this class introduces the musician to the standard ‘I Got Read More

Intermediate Improvisation

A class concentrating on patterns, playing in different keys, call and response, chord alterations, tempos, and group participation. Application to Read More

Beginning Jazz Improvisation

This class focuses on the study of chords, scales, modes, simple patterns, and harmonic structure. For all instruments.

Blues Improvisation

As an introduction to the blues for the musician, this class is a blend of patterns, ear training, analysis and Read More

ii-V-I Progression

This class introduces musicians to the most important chord progression in jazz through a blend of patterns, ear training, analysis, Read More