Non-Musician Courses

Jazz In the Movies

A listening class focused on the jazz music and artists involved in the film scores and incidental music of major Read More

History of Soul Jazz

A listening class. “In The Deepest Recesses of the Groove.” Soul Jazz, the fusion of blues, gospel and rhythm & Read More

The Ladies of Song

A listening class exploring in depth the music and lives of some of the great women vocalists of our time.

Jazz Piano Styles

A class covering some of jazz history’s most famous pianists, starting with Fats Waller and Willie “The Lion” Smith and Read More

History of Jazz

A class covering the evolution of jazz styles from Dixieland though Bebop to Modal and Fusion.

Listen Up! w/ Jeff Coffin

Taught by saxophonist Jeff Coffin, a 2-hour accelerated (3-week) course for musicians and non-musicians, covering the act of listening; how Read More

Jazz in Film

In this class, students will view and discuss a variety of jazz performances from theatrical releases, soundies (juke box films), Read More

Master Class

A class focused on special topics or skills, led by a master NJW. Topic will vary with the instructor. ‘Vocal Read More

History of Big Bands

For the non-musician and musician alike, this class will cover the evolution of Big Bands from the smaller Duke Ellington Read More

Listening to Jazz

This class explores the act of listening to jazz, including how to listen into the music, what to listen for, Read More