Theory and Composition Courses

Using Print Music

This introductory course will cover the basics of using Finale PrintMusic. Time will be spent on inputting notation, preparing professional-looking Read More

Arranging for Guitar

A class for the intermediate to advanced guitarist that will focus on using the different elements of the guitar (chords, Read More

Jazz Harmony

This class begins with fundamentals of theory: key signatures, major and minor scales, and their importance in understanding jazz harmony. Read More

Basic Music Notation

An introduction to the written side of music, this class will help students make their charts look clean, professional, and Read More

Beginning Sightreading

Students will learn how to sight read charts, single line melodies and 4-voice harmony parts. This core class is important Read More

Beginning Arranging

An introductory class to arranging for a small group, this class begins with simple lead sheets and trio arrangements, and Read More

Lyric Writing

This class examines lyrics of famous composers, including Broadway, Hollywood and jazz writers, and also examines how Western Literature and Read More

Keyboard Basics

In this class, students study the keyboard, learning note names, intervals, chord structures, and musical notation in an easy to Read More

Chart Writing

This class will cover basic theory and notation and apply these to writing simple chord charts.

Ear Training 1

This is a basic class that begins with intervals, triads, 4 note chords, inversions of chords, bass lines and simple Read More

Ear Training 2

A continuation of Ear Training 1, this class will give students a better understanding of chord extensions and their inversions. Read More