Vocal Technique Courses

Vocal Tech 4

A continuation of Vocal Tech 3: Eliminating vocal faults. Students sing in all 4 vocal positions: neutral, cry, belt, and Read More

Voice Fundamentals

Duplicate class listing? (LJ 1/9/18) Set your natural voice free with the foundations of healthy singing skills. This class will Read More

Vocal Tech 2

A focus on more advanced breathing techniques to build optimum diaphragmatic support. Tightening up of middle voice concepts and techniques. Read More

Vocal Tech 1

An introduction to the basic rudiments and the four vocal positions used in singing. Building the mask voice. Exercises to Read More

The Voice Lab

Focusing on natural voice and conversational phrasing, students will learn from diagnostic techniques to evaluate performance and correct common vocal Read More

Vocal Calisthenics

Students will build stamina and speed in the vocal line with this two-hour vocal workout covering three octaves with an Read More

Vocal Technique

Jazz singing offers the opportunity to learn contemporary singing techniques in a healthy and fun way. This class will help Read More