Bringing the Gap From Classical Voice To Jazz

A 3-week online class for classically-trained vocalists who would like to sing in their lower range with a contemporary sound, including vowel production, breathing and phrasing. Goals of the class include finding and strengthening the lower register, feeling and hearing the difference in vowel shapes used for contemporary singing, and an understanding of how Jazz phrasing varies from singing exactly what’s on the page. Students are encouraged to bring in jazz repertoire and tracks they have already worked with, but lead sheets and tracks will be provided upon request prior to the beginning of the class.
Christina Watson is a jazz vocalist and educator who, beginning with her studies at Berklee College of Music, made the switch from singing with classical placement to singing contemporary genres authentically. She enjoys having access to her entire voice, singing repertoire from various genres, and teaching others to cross train vocally, as well. Christina uses principles of Somatic Voice Work (TM) in her teaching.