Charlie Brown Christmas: Vince Guaraldi

Christmas Time Is Here! Pianist Jody Nardone has been presenting and performing the music of Vince Guaraldi’s A Charlie Brown Christmas to Nashville audiences each Christmas for many years and last year, released an album of his trio’s interpretations of Vince’s beloved music.  Now Jody presents a deep dive into the life, compositions and piano stylings of Vince Guaraldi for a three week course which will include info and stories from Vince’s official biographer Derrick Bang’s recent biography, Vince Guaraldi At The Piano, a listening list of essential recordings, a study of Vince’s solo transcriptions and an analysis of his unique but indelible compositional style. Some elements of the class will involve piano-centric discussion but all instrumentalists, vocalists, improvisers and composers are welcome!  Join us!
The following pieces and recordings will be included in the discussion:
  1. Cast Your Fate To The Wind 
  2. Linus & Lucy
  3. Christmas Time Is Here 
  4. Christmas Is Coming
  5. Skating
  6. The Great Pumpkin Waltz 
PDFs of complete solo transcriptions and a list of YouTube links to recordings will be provided