Creating the Mood for the Consummate Performer


Learn subtle tricks about your music and performance that will keep the audience spellbound and in the palm of your hand. This class will put everything in sync, from great vocal technique, to hot phrasing loaded with ear candy, to in-the-pocket groove. Learn the body language of the top pros, mastering eyes, hands, conversational and grand gestures -yet all honed down to look and feel natural. Each week, the singer will be responsible for 2 new songs, with music tracks to be performed back to back with appropriate patter. Singers are responsible for finding their own jazz tracks. Songs must be memorized and “gig ready.” Prerequisites include classes from: Vocal Tech 1-4, Art of Phrasing 1-2, Recording Tech 1-2, and “Electric Edge” R&B Stylings for the Vocalist, or have the consent of the instructor.