Listening/Appreciation, Special Topic

Lunch with the Big Band Composers – Cost $100

12pm to 1pm starting May 11th – 15th, a 5 day class
Monday – Claire Fischer
Tuesday – Michel Legrand
Wednesday – Quincy Jones
Thursday – Thad Jones
Friday – CRIME JAZZ!! Johnny Mandel, Lalo Schifrin, Billy May and others

A message from instructor Jeff Steinberg:

Composing, arranging and orchestration are technically separate crafts. There are great composers who do not excel at arranging/orchestration and vice-versa. But musicians gifted in all three areas usually create spectacular results.

While my years in the music industry have included countless hours of focused, critical listening to the works of masters in all genres, my earliest influences came from the jazz world, with a special emphasis on film and television scores. That’s mostly where we’ll focus in this class.

By exploring the extraordinary talents of Clare Fischer, Michel Legrand, Quincy Jones, Thad Jones, Henry Mancini, John Williams, Johnny Mandel (plus a few surprises), we’ll explore their timeless contributions to the style of music we all love.