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A live, online, one day master class with saxophonist Bill Evans. Saturday March 13th, 1pm-3pm CDT, $50

Saturday 1pm-3pm CDT March 13th – $50 Registration ends Saturday, March 13th at 10am central.
“I feel very fortunate to have had the chance to play with Miles, and get to know him on a personal level from playing with him 4 years to becoming a good friend. There is something special and unique in the way people like Miles, John McLaughlin, Herbie Hancock, Joe Henderson, David Liebman, Jamey Aebersold and a vast number of other jazz musician I’ve been honored to know and play with over the years, look at music. It shaped the way I approached my bands over the past 30 years.” Sign up!
What will you learn in this master class?
  1. How to play with purpose
  2. How to play consciously when practicing
  3. The difference between practicing and playing live
  4. The importance of swing in your playing
  5. How to sound better immediately with just a few approach changes
  6. Hip ii-V-I lines to incorporate in your playing
  7. What leaders look for in a sideperson
  8. Life lessons I learned from people like Miles, Herbie, John Mclaughlin, Gil Evans, and more 


Check out this video of Bill playing with Miles & so many more great musicians.