“Charles Dungey Way” Street Naming

On June 23, 2022, a section of 40th Ave. No., will be named “Charles Dungey Way” by the city of Nashville, an honor to also the North Nashville community and the Nashville Jazz Workshop community.

“Nashville has a rich history of jazz artists and one such artist of note is bassist and vocalist, Charles Dungey, Jr. Dungey touched the lives and influenced many of our established jazz players and was an integral part of NJW’s beginnings as a teacher, mentor and performer, and therefore part of its success. His untimely death left a deep musical and personal void for his family, NJW, and the world of jazz.

As NJW continues to excel in jazz education and performance, particularly now in its new north Nashville home, it is important for current and future students, especially recipients of the Charles Dungey, Jr.,  Scholarship for Bass and Voice, to know and appreciate the valuable contribution of seasoned players like Charles.” Teree Campbelle McCormick