Eric Essix takes the spotlight at the WFSK Concert Series, hosted by the Nashville Jazz Workshop

Join Eric Essix at the Nashville Jazz Workshop’s Jazz Cave on Friday, April 5, 2024 for a spectacular performance! The concert begins at 7:00pm CST (Doors open at 6:30pm).

LIVE PERFORMANCE TICKETS ($35) – NEW add a charcuterie box on Eventbrite with your ticket, more details below.

About the WFSK Concert Series:

We are thrilled to announce the commencement of a fresh series featuring contemporary jazz guitarist Eric Essix, proudly presented by the Nashville Jazz Workshop and curated by Sharon Kay, General Manager at WFSK-FM Jazzy 88. Not only are NJW and WFSK both dedicated to promoting jazz, but they also share a neighborhood in North Nashville and have been mutually supportive for numerous years.

This innovative series aims to provide the public with the opportunity to experience live performances by outstanding artists whose music graces the airwaves of WFSK. Eric Essix, hailing from Birmingham, is a fitting choice for the inaugural show, given his exceptional guitar skills and popularity among WFSK listeners.

About Eric Essix:

Over a span of 34 years and 28 albums, Eric Essix has consistently pushed the boundaries of contemporary jazz. From his early successes with Warner Brothers to founding Essential Recordings, his career has been marked by hits like “Sweet Tea” and “Shuttlesworth Drive,” and thematic albums like the “Southern Roots” trilogy. He’s collaborated with gospel icons and paid tribute to legends like The Isley Brothers. Beyond his music, Eric has been appointed “Artist in Residence” at UAB and founded the Preserve Jazz Festival. Influenced by gospel and jazz legends like Jaco Pastorius and Wes Montgomery, his style has evolved from technical prowess to a focus on composition and emotion. With an incredibly skilled instrumentalist such as Essix, this show is will undoubtedly bring the house down! Get your tickets today!