Lizzie Thomas Trio Streaming

Join Lizzie Thomas, an NJW student, in an unforgettable night from 6pm to 9pm CDT. Live from New York, presented by the Los Angeles Jazz Society.

NYC Vocalist Lizzie Thomas has made a name for herself as a swinging, sultry jazz singer with a beautiful stage presence. Her phrasing is effortless and naturally swings. She captivates her audience by going straight to the heart of the lyric.

Her latest release, New Sounds From the Jazz Age, recorded in a “live” setting, is a uniquely beautiful and provocative new sound on the songbook classics we know and love. The album celebrates Ms. Thomas’ ability to vocalize on racing tempos, effortlessly pivot between styles and key changes, and dig deep into the rich complexities of Ellington, Porter, and Gershwin.  It features Russell Malone on guitar, John Colianni on piano, Jay Leonhart on bass, Felix Peikli on clarinet and Bernard Linnette on drums.

Lizzie came to jazz when she realized that it is a purely American art form: It’s steeped in tradition and allows for endless innovation. “I can call a tune for the rest of my life, and I will never sing it the same way. That’s freedom,” she says, “that’s provocative – that’s jazz.”

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