Midstate Jazz Audition Prep

Date: November 21, 2020
Times: 10 – 11:30, or 1 – 2:30 (you can sign up for both times)
Price: $40 for each time slot
Place: Online (Zoom)

Morning and afternoon sessions available for guitar, saxophone, trombone, trumpet, piano, drums, & bass. Each masterclass is limited to 6 students. Secure your spot early and register now.

Technology Needs:

  1. External speaker/PA for backing tracks
  2. Metronome
  3. Stable wifi connection or ethernet
  4. Guitarists should be plugged into an amp

Optional: External microphone

NJW’s Midstate Jazz Audition Prep includes

  1. Masterclass on the prepared audition pieces. Every student will play for the class and receive feedback from the teacher.
  2. MP3 recordings to use as practice tracks of the teacher playing the prepared pieces at three different tempos.
  3. Tips and tricks to improvising on the F Blues and Bb Rhythm Changes
  4. MP3 recording and transcription of the teacher soloing on F Blues
  5. MP3 recording and transcription of the teacher soloing on Bb Rhythm Changes


Emmanuel Echem, trumpet “I enjoy teaching because it allows me the opportunity to connect students with new and different approaches to playing and creating music, as well as a chance to reconnect with my own creativity in my personal approach to music.”
Evan Cobb, saxophone “We are all students on the journey of studying music, and we must remember to enjoy the ride!”
Roy Agee, trombone “I like teaching because I like to watch people open their imaginations.”

Lindsey Miller,
guitar As a guitar teacher I enjoy teaching improvisation, jazz guitar history, as well as doing in depth analysis of various jazz guitarists and their styles.”
Jody Nardone, piano I’ve been teaching for 32 years and I love it because I was so fortunate to study with some of the greatest jazz educators in the world and it is so rewarding to pass on the information I received from those great masters on to the next generation.”
Derrek C Phillips, drums “I love seeing the ‘lightbulb’ come on in a student’s’ mind.”