NJW at Char Steakhouse

The Nashville Jazz Workshop is pleased to continue our partnership with Char, a contemporary steakhouse and piano bar from the owners of Amerigo and Etch, ETC and Saltine, located in the massive Vertis Green Hills development at 3988 Hillsboro Pike.

Char will emphasize quality steaks, fresh seafood, home-style sides and an extensive cocktail selection, with lunch and dinner menus available daily.

In partnership with the Nashville Jazz Workshop, Char hosts jazz piano in the evenings (6-9pm) and a jazz trio for Sunday brunch. Pianist Matt Endahl curates the series, featuring musicians who teach or perform at NJW, and also performs at the restaurant.

Performing in October at Char (subject to change):

Oct 1 Ted Wilson
Oct 2 Marc Payne
Oct 3 Anthony Belfiglio Trio

Oct 7 Lori Mechem
Oct 8 Pat Coil
Oct 9 Anthony Belfiglio
Oct 10 Lori Mechem Trio

Oct 14 Kelli Cox
Oct 15 Ted Wilson
Oct 16 Anthony Belfiglio
Oct 17 Kelli Cox Trio

Oct 21 Kelli Cox
Oct 22 Marc Payne
Oct 23 Chris Walters
Oct 24 Chris Walters Trio

Oct 28 Lori Mechem
Oct 29 Chris Walters
Oct 30 Kelli Cox
Oct 31 Pat Coil Trio

Music hours: 6-9 PM Thursday-Sunday, Sunday Brunch 11AM – 2PM

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