NJW In Review, December 19, 2019

Continuing our review of 2019 at The Nashville Jazz Workshop, we’ve got a great video for you from a concert by the Joe Davidian & The Lost Melody (formerly the Joe Davidian Trio) from September. A superb pianist, Joe was in Nashville for many years and taught and performed at NJW before moving to New York in 2017. The Trio, with Joe, bassist Jamie Ousley and drummer Austin McMahon, formed during the group’s college days at the University of Miami and reunite each year for a tour. We’ve been fortunate that Nashville’s always a stop on the tour!


Here’s another great lesson from NJW co-founder and Director of Education Lori Mechem. This one is an easy ii-V piano intro!


Jazz training has a profound effect on young student musicians, equipping them with the tools to do most anything they want musicially. Here’s an appreciation from one such student, who attended NJW Jazz Camp and classes while in high school.