NJW Student Performance Week

The final student performances in the Jazz Cave take place next week: Monday, November 11 and Wednesday, November 13.

We’re proud of our students — these class performances will be some of the best we’ve had, so be there to celebrate their accomplishments and hear some great jazz! BYOB


The Music of Cole Porter –6pm:
Anna Kupcha
Jim Krieder
Andrea Zink
Chuck Rapp
Andrew Zarrillo

Band: Lori Mechem, Gary Smith and Gus Duffy

The Music of Antonio Carlos Jobim – 7:30 (Immediately following Cole Porter):
Tim Rosko
Gary Brumburgh
Jim Krieder
Donna Venardi
Alison Brazil

Band: Lori Mechem, Gary Smith, Gus Duffy and Larry Seeman


The Music of Cole Porter – 6pm:
Roz Thompson
Graham Stewart
Rebecca Sayre
Crystal Miller
Louise Kelton
Kristian Dambrino

Band: Lori Mechem, Gary Smith and Carlos Ruiz