Spotlight Thursday: Bruce Forman presents The Red Guitar

Bruce Forman presents the Red Guitar In Concert at the Jazz Cave at the Nashville Jazz Workshop on Thursday, November 17th, 2022. Bandleader and guitarist Bruce Forman is joined by band TBA.

The band takes the stage at 7:30pm CST (Doors at 7:00pm).


The Red Guitar

Imagine receiving an invitation to a gala featuring John Coltrane, Sigmund Freud, and Faust. Bruce Forman’s “The Red Guitar” is all that and more. It draws on Forman’s decades of experience as a formidable jazz guitarist and his considerable skill as a storyteller and teacher, producing a work that is greater than the sum of its dazzling parts.

A story in and about jazz, The Red Guitar showcases Bruce Forman’s genre-breaking inventiveness and his ability to improvise and create within a classical form. Enlisting the full power of the jazz idiom and integrating it with seasoned and provocative story-telling, he confronts the dilemma of artistic obsession face-to-face—by creating a work of art that simultaneously explores and demonstrates the hold that music has over its most ardent followers, the hold that poses itself as a life-or-death, must-be-solved-question: “The Red Guitar.  Do you play it…or does it play you?”

See where you stand. See and hear The Red Guitar

**Based on The Red Violin, where the instrument brings turmoil and tragedy through generations; and The Red Shoes, where the shoes desire to dance ultimately possess and kill the dancer, this is a story that explores the genesis and nature of our passions, and what lengths we are willing to go to serve them. 

***Bruce Forman combines stellar guitar playing, humor and compelling storytelling that explores a life in the pursuit of sound. The Red Guitar: do you play it…or does it play you?

Policies: The Jazz Cave is a BYOB establishment, with no alcohol or food service. You are free to bring alcoholic beverages and snacks. We sell soft drinks and bottled water. The Jazz Cave is a listening room, and we ask patrons to keep conversation to a minimum and silence cell phones. Audio and video recording is prohibited. TICKET SALES ARE FINAL. We do not issue refunds. Masks are recommended for all patrons.

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