Annie Sellick

Annie Sellick is a poster child for hard work and determination. She got her start at formal training right here at the Nashville Jazz Workshop, after finding initial success singing in clubs while in college. She mastered the repertoire of vocal classes at NJW and never looked back. She stepped up her music studies, taking guitar at the New School while living and performing in New York City for a time. Annie also coached with Rebecca Paris in Boston and Rhiannon in Hawaii. Soon, she was stretching her wings beyond the Nashville area traveling to Europe, Japan, Canada and throughout the United States establishing solid fan bases centered in Atlanta and Birmingham, the major cities along the east coast from Hilton Head to West Palm Beach, Cincinnati, Los Angeles and Montreal.

Today, Annie is not only a mainstay of the Nashville jazz scene, but performs regularly in L.A., has had six tours of Japan, and has performed in concerts and festivals around the world. She has four CD’s on her own label and is heard on several others.

Recently coming into her own as a natural teacher, Annie has led vocal workshop retreats in Middle Tennessee and is bringing her talent back where it all started by teaching vocal technique and master classes at NJW.

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