Jonathan Wires

Jonathan A. Wires is jazz performer, composer, and educator. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Music from the University of Memphis and a Master’s Degree in Jazz Studies from Middle Tennessee State University. He has studied bass with Tim Goodwin, John Chiego, Michael Formanek, and Denis Irwin. Wires has been recorded on numerous records ranging from rock, jazz, folk, to classically influenced music. He has performed with a variety of artists including Frank Lowe, Billy Bang, Michael Marcus, Alvin Fielder, Michael Jefry Stevens, Jeff Coffin, Abbey Rader, Cassandra Wilson, Steve Davis, Kallen Esperian, Don Aliquo, the Memphis Symphony Orchestra, Charlie Wood, Kelley Hurt, Calvin Newborn, Larry Panella, Rod McGaha, Leon Anderson, Joel Weiskopf, Bruce Dudley, Kate Paradise, Joe Davidian, Chester Thompson, Thomas Giampietro, Chris Walters, and Evan Cobb. Among his other contributions are performances on the film soundtrack for “Black Snake Moan”. ¬†In addition, he has served on staff at the Vermont Jazz Institute and the Nashville Jazz Workshop’s summer jazz camp. ¬†Jonathan teaches Small Ensemble classes at the NJW.

Instagram @jwiresbass