Margaret Rose

Margaret Rose received a full scholarship and graduated Cum Laude with a B.A. in Performance-Classical Voice. She studied with Clifford Balshaw most recently with Ron Browning, using the Speech Level Singing method.

Margaret Rose teaches The Voice Lab at the Nashville Jazz Workshop, a popular course and one that can be taken as many times as desired. Some student comments about the class:

“Voice Lab with Margaret Rose is a great introduction to singing and to the Great American Songbook. Margaret gives you exercises aimed at opening your voice and helping you find the mask [the area of the voice specially suited to jazz singing”.”

“Voice Lab was a great intro to singing for me. I have sung for years in a rock band, but this was my first foray into singing standards.”

“Margret creates a great atmosphere that is fun and low-pressure . . . and is really great at coaxing the “natural voice” out of people.”

“A great class for anyone wanting to work on basics of singing . . . before going into a performance class.”

“If you always wanted to sing, come back to singing or just need to brush up on your singing, this is the class for you.”