Artists and Instructors: Guitar

Jerome Degey

Jerome is a French guitarist, bassist, composer, arranger & music producer that works in an eclectic musical environment (jazz, pop, Read More

Anthony Wilson

Born in Los Angeles in 1968, guitarist and composer Anthony Wilson is known for a body of work that moves Read More

Peter Bernstein

Born in New York City, guitarist Peter Bernstein has been a part of the jazz scene in New York and abroad since 1989. During that Read More

Lindsey Miller playing guitar

Lindsey Miller

Lindsey Miller is a Nashville based touring and session guitarist whose skills span an array of musical styles and genres. Read More

Andy Reiss

Andy Reiss grew up in San Francisco, Calif., playing in a wide variety of bands all through high school. Finding Read More

Pat Bergeson

Guitarist and harmonica player Pat Bergeson has written, toured, and recorded with many of his musical heroes. Beginning at the Read More

Pete Huttlinger

Pete Huttlinger was one of the greatest fingerstyle guitarists in the world. Author of over 10 CD’s and numerous songbooks Read More

James DaSilva

James DaSilva is a session guitarist, composer, and educator living in Nashville, TN. He is a recent graduate of Belmont Read More

Matt MacDougall

Matt MacDougall is a Canadian guitarist, composer, and educator now based in Nashville. A versatile artist, he specializes in jazz Read More

Chip Henderson

Chip Henderson is a jazz guitarist, composer, arranger and educator. Besides teaching at NJW, Chip is on the faculty of Read More

Mel Deal

Mel Deal has over forty years experience as a professional instrumentalist and has worked in venues ranging from solo jazz Read More