Scholarship Opportunities

GOAL: To provide the finest jazz education available to Nashville area musicians and beyond.

HOW: Apply to receive a scholarship here. You will be contacted by educational director Lori Mechem to schedule a meeting to discuss potential scholarships.

HOW: The Nashville Jazz Workshop is a non-profit organization with the mission to expand and enrich people’s lives by offering world class jazz education and performance in supportive and creative environments. NJW has received grants and assistance from generous donors and foundations to provide scholarship assistance.

GUIDELINES: The Scholarship Lessons Program is only available for students ages 12-18 with financial need. Households qualify with annual income under $60,000, with an additional $5,000 allowed for each dependent (ie $70,000 income for a family with three children qualifies). Other factors for acceptance include the studentʼs motivation and interest. Level of ability will be considered, but is not a determining factor. Once completed applications are received, students will be contacted with audition times. 

Scholarship Lesson Program

ABOUT: The Scholarship Lessons Program is for teenagers who have experience in music and wish to further their studies in jazz. Accepted applicants receive private lessons (remote or in-person) with professional jazz players, as well as access to NJW classes.

The Scholarship Lessons Program has been operating since 2013 and has produced remarkable and sometimes life-changing results. Many students from the program have become Music Majors at premiere universities, won scholarships, and placed at the top of Mid-State and All-State competitions.