How much do classes cost?
NJW classes are affordable, but may vary. Typically, a six-week session is $300, 3-week sessions are $150. Individual class prices are listed on our class schedule page. Full payment is required upon registration. You are not confirmed for your class until payment is received.

How long are the sessions?
Specific class lengths vary. Please refer to our current class schedule for more information. Classes can be anywhere from a 1 hour masterclass to a 6-week session.

Do the students get to perform?
Performance before an audience is an important part of Jazz education, and many of the instrumental ensembles and vocal classes will have the opportunity to perform at the end of the session. Online classes do not have a performance in front of an audience.

Do you have classes for advanced students?
Yes. We have classes for advanced players & working musicians. Please indicate your level on the registration form.

Are there prerequisites for classes?
Yes and No. Jazz is not a beginning subject, so when it comes to classes such as performing ensembles, theory and improvisation, there is a basic proficiency that is required. However, some classes, such as history, styles and analysis, are available for the non-musician. They are listening and discussion-based classes, so no prior proficiency is required.

Does the Workshop provide private lessons?
We can refer you for private lessons in improv, transcription, theory, ear training, etc. and have many top local professionals available for private lessons on piano, bass, guitar, drums, woodwinds and brass.

Does the Workshop provide financial help?
The Workshop is often able to offer scholarship assistance through foundation and individual support.